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Hi! My name is Senami. I’m a scientist and a seeker. I help professional women who are struggling with tapping into their feminine power live from their essence and become irresistibly magnetic leaders. True Queens.

My superpower is to combine my intuitive archetypal astrology and coaching expertise for my clients. These 2 modalities together simply give badass results. Excuse my French. Well... it's my mother tongue ;) I'm just always blown away by the depth of this work and so grateful for the incredible transformation that happens.

I've transitioned from being an award-winning engineer who has managed prestigious world-class projects to now being an Intuitive Archetypal Astrologer, a Women Empowerment, Love, and Intimacy Expert. Yes, I love diving into different worlds and bridging them. I'm an integrator.

I work with women who want to experience their authentic power, create deep love and relationships with self and with others while reconciling their sense of inner and outer radiance, beauty, and grace.

I’m an argentine tango dancer (soy una tanguera) and I drink licorice-mint herbal tea all day long with tremendous delight ;-) CLICK here for more

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