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Hi! My name is Senami and I help professional women who are struggling with tapping into their feminine power live from their essence and become irresistibly magnetic.

I’m an argentine tango dancer (soy una tanguera) and I drink licorice-mint herbal tea all day long with tremendous delight.

I am an award-winning engineer and I have managed prestigious world-class projects.
I am also a Women Empowerment, Love, and Intimacy Expert. I work with women who want to experience their authentic power, create deep love and relationships with self and with others while reconciling their sense of inner and outer radiance, beauty, and grace.

I went from hiding and playing small in my life to showing up boldly as a radiant woman and owning my power and my sensuality.

Over the last 10 years I have traveled all around the world – from the Black Hills mountains of South Dakota to the lavish jungles of Costa Rica, Mexico or Indonesia, or the ashrams of India, etc. – training with some of the top names in the fields of women empowerment, transformation, communication, conscious relationships, and holistic sexuality education.


  You dazzle me! Let me share what I see.

  • You might see yourself as under-realized and dimming down. I see you as someone who has chosen to hone her skills behind the scenes before making her grand entrance.
  • You might see yourself as off track—confused about your next steps. I see you as learning precious and priceless life lessons that will catapult you towards your destiny.
  • You might see yourself as totally forgotten by Life/God/The Universe in the Love department. I see you learning to open up your heart bigger and hear its whispers for the soulful relationship awaiting you.

I teach women like you to mine their inner gems and bring out their sparkling inner diamonds to dazzle and inspire everyone around them.

But I wasn’t always a pro at this.

I Dimmed Myself Down at One Time, Too

I remember being quite outgoing and self-expressed until maybe 7 or 8 years old.

I raised my hand in class easily, danced in parties like I owned the dancefloor—even when nobody else was dancing. I didn’t mind the attention of people watching, I secretly liked it. I also remember speaking when in group settings and even telling jokes.

The majority of my childhood  memories after 8 are those of a shy girl who was insecure in groups, hardly ever raised her hand (I even got bullied for responding accurately  to questions in class) and gradually shrunk in an effort to be liked and to belong. You would only find me on the dancefloor if there was a group of  people that I could hide in the middle of.

This had been the story of my adult life too, going out of my way to not appear “too much,” and not make anybody feel uncomfortable around me.

Gradually, I realized that my “shrinking” had a deep impact on every aspect of my life. In short, I settled. I settled for a safe career and a mediocre relationship.

But something inside me knew that there was so much more for me. I deeply wanted to claim my crown and shine bright in all my radiance.

This desire consumed me from the inside. I began saying yes to new opportunities, even when I felt like I wasn’t ready. One of the biggest leaps I took was public speaking.

The first time I got on stage, I felt an intoxicating mix of excitement, anticipation, and fear. But I felt oddly at home!

And when people told me that my words made a difference in their lives, I began to reconnect with my purpose and passion.

Nothing compares to the fulfillment I receive when I help make a difference in other people’s lives.

This Feeling Is What Fuels My Work

Today, I help women become a Queen of Radiance in their life. This means embodying what it is to be a woman, fulfilling your potential, and experiencing a safe, nourishing relationship.

After working with me, my clients have experienced breakthroughs including…

  • Embodying what it is to be a woman. Feeling radiant and fueled by what has always been inside of them.
  • Rightfully feeling entitled to everything they’re meant to be.
  • Looking deep within and discovering all the little things that they unconsciously allow to be dimmed.
  • Challenging themselves to rekindle that light, that shining flame, that burning inner fire.
  • Going from unfulfilled in love to experiencing a deeply nourishing relationship with themselves and others.
  • Identifying their soul contract and aligning their life to be in harmony with its original intentions.
  • Creating a strategy that allows their potentials and gifts to reach their intended fullness.


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