Hello and welcome to my aromatherapy world!

I’m excited to share with you my love for essential oils. They’ve always been part of my world since I was a child as my mom was using them. Later, my inner geek was experimenting in the bathroom with different blends that I used to create my very own skin and hair products. Now, the essential oils are part of my continuous self-development as I experience their power for creating inner shifts.

I love creating my own signature essential blends and customize blends for my clients in their journey to express their inner Queens and authentically reconcile their sense of inner and outer Radiance, Power, Beauty and Grace.

I’ll be happy to share with you the wonderful universe of essential oils in a complimentary consultation or a masterclass.

I’m looking forward to supporting you in your journey to wellness using essential oils.



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Masterclass – Using aromatherapy to support us in creating conscious love and relationships

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Masterclass – Using aromatherapy to support us in embodying the Queen Archetype and full-throttle Radiance 
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MasterclassUsing aromatherapy to support us in embodying Erotic Archetypes.

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