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1Be Bold. Shine Bright.

You dream of living the fullest expression of yourself. But you’re stuck. Who are you really? What were you put here to do? And who are you meant to experience this life with?

You want to live your soulful purpose and feel treasured in deep, meaningful relationships that you co-create with yourself and others.

I can help you get there.

What We Do Together

I help you uncover your hidden inner glass ceiling and limiting beliefs so you can  feel  unapologetic, unstoppable, and untamed.

After working with me, you feel the tremendous freedom of being fully and authentically YOU. And you’ll love it. You won’t be able to get enough of the feeling.

You know it’s high time to be the Queen in your own life and shine bright.

I work with women who have outgrown the container of their current life. They know there’s so much more for them to contribute. They want to understand—and achieve—their true purpose.

I also work with women who are yearning and ready to experience love with themselves and others bigger than they ever thought possible.

Work with Me

If you feel under-actualized and dimmed down… If you hear internally “enough is enough!”… Now’s the time to up your game and contribute your gifts in a greater and more visible way.

Over the last 10 years I have traveled all around the world – from the Black Hills mountains of South Dakota to the lavish jungles of Costa Rica, Mexico or Indonesia, or the ashrams of India, etc. – training with some of the top names in the fields of intuitive archetypal astrology, women empowerment, transformation, communication, conscious relationships, and holistic sexuality education.

There are several ways to work with me. We can also customize a blend of these programs for you. Apply for a “Feminine Essence” Breakthrough session to assess which program would be the best fit as well as if we are a match. I’m looking forward to supporting you!

Soulful Purpose Program


I was trained by Robert Ohotto and have completed several hundred readings since 2010 when my journey began in intuitive archetypal astrology.

I’ve been exclusively offering intuitive archetypal readings for my coaching clients over the last 3 years. Yet…

I know how much this work is needed. Exceptionally, I’m opening up a few spots for single sessions with me using Intuitive Archetypal Astrology. This work is so deeply transformative and I would love to support you in this sacred way.

Flashback to July 2010 in South Dakota. I’m an engineer and attending my very first intensive training with my mentor Robert Ohotto, learning about intuitive archetypal astrology. I will never forget what he said to me when he looked at my chart during one exercise. He simply said “You’re such a Queen”. I responded “who? me? really???” and I was so shy.

I was surprised and deep inside, it was also validating. I naturally felt drawn to this archetype before even knowing what archetypes were. I had heard comments such as “there is something regal about you” from strangers many times over the years before attending this intensive.

I felt chills in my body, like some inner knowing that there was some truth in Robert’s statement that I had a strong Queen archetype in my chart. A part of me freaked out, and another part simply quietly knew. Something deeply shifted and some re-wiring happened over time. A lot has unfolded and this is how creating Queens of Radiance happened organically. This is how I moved from a successful corporate international engineering career to honoring my calling in empowering women.

I love doing readings and interpreting birth charts. I always feel that it’s such a great honor when someone trusts me to decipher some of their most precious and intimate soul documents. I never take it for granted. After several hundreds of readings, I still feel this sense of awe.

My intention is that our session together brings both ahas and deep validation of what you already knew. A good reading is really a validation of your gentle soul whispers and body wisdom. I use intuition, archetypes and psychological astrology to reveal your unique soul contract as a way to deeply understand your wiring and fall even more deeply in love with your precious self and your journey.

My philosophy is that the planets do not cause anything. They simply mirror what’s happening inside of us and give us some sacred access to our inner universe.

images-2Do you yearn to figure out what’s your life purpose and what are your unique innate gifts?

Do you feel that you’re pregnant with something that the world has yet to see?

Do you feel confused about what this something is about?

A session with an Intuitive Life Strategist is deeply revealing and could be the bridge to what are the next steps for you at this stage in your life. The birth chart interpretation is used.

People who benefit the most from a session with me are people who feel that this is a transition time and who want to have an understanding about their soul contract. Sessions with me are about strategizing how to co-create the fullest expression of our potentials and gifts. It’s for people who are ready to take action now.

It’s clear to me that my life purpose is to help people find their life purpose and design strategies to make the most of their lives.

Soulful Radiance Program

happy young woman with spreading arms to sky

Are you tired of playing small?

Are you yearning to show up in life in all your radiance unapologetically, to claim your crown and own your inner beauty fully? Do you keep telling yourself that your time is now, but don’t know what’s your life purpose nor what are the next steps to find it?

Expressing soulful radiance means being such a clear channel that all our inner light shines through and our inner gems dazzle brightly in the world.

Soulful Radiance is a forum where different modalities are explored to bring out our full throttle glittering version and bridge a sense of our inner and outer beauty.

The Soulful Radiance program focuses on unleashing our luminosity and splendor by discovering our life purpose, our unconscious patterns and false core beliefs. Their deconstruction and the realization of the deeper truth about who we are represent the keys to be a radiant person.

Apply for a “Feminine Essence” Breakthrough session if you’d like to participate in the program.

Soulful Relationships Program

Happy young romantic couple face to face

The Soulful Relationships Comprehensive Program is the foundation to experiencing exquisite love and partnership beyond our wildest dreams. Whether you want to deepen self-love, attract a new relationship, improve your current romantic partnership, or you’re going through the end of a relationship and want support in that process – these mentoring sessions are designed to set you up for a breakthrough in the area of love and relationships. I want to hold this space for you and offer the level of wisdom and guidance necessary to bring about healing and enrich your lives.

Are you ready to engage in a process of deep inquiry and revelation about your patterns and false core beliefs that create an obstacle to the type of love that you know you’re meant to experience? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, partnering with a coach can be extremely helpful to deconstruct our false love identity and create steps for you to live in alignment with the vision of love fulfilled in your life.

The Soulful Relationships Program is about nurturing soulful relationships. This starts with a deeply engaged relationship with ourselves, with healthy self-love. Soulful relationships are created after we distinguish our inner blocks preventing us from experiencing all the love that we yearn to have in our life. Shedding a gentle and persistent light on the false core beliefs that we’ve been carrying about ourselves and about love is a deeply transformative experience.

I focus on ontological, transformative coaching. Some of my coaching certifications include: Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling.

Apply for a “Feminine Essence” Breakthrough session if you’d like to participate in the program.

These programs are deeply transformative  and if you decide to join, I ask that you make a real commitment to show up to be the Radiant Queen of your new and expanded life!

“The Magnetic Queen™” Retreat Coaching PROGRAM

I am beyond excited to offer to you “The Magnetic Queen™” transformational coaching program for women who are ready and committed to becoming magnetic.

After over 1000 hours of extensive individual/group work with my clients and countless research interviews over the last years, I listened deeply to where you were most challenged in relation to your feminine power and what you longed for with all your heart, which I then spent 1 year of in-depth curriculum development with an exceptional team of educators creating a model that would support you in literally transforming your entire feminine essence connection paradigm.

My program “The Magnetic Queen™” uses a step by step, easy to implement system so you can connect to your power, your radiance and your sensuality as a woman.

What you’ll learn during this experience:

●  Stop feeling drained from operating in a “man mode” to create success,
●  Master how to navigate between masculine and feminine energies at will,
●  Own your sensuality,
●  Learn to completely surrender and receive,
●  Expand your pleasure potential and
●  Magnetize your desires effortlessly.



Embrace your Feminine Power and Become Magnetic in 90 days or less


My program “The Magnetic Queen™” uses a step by step, easy to implement system so you can connect to your power, your radiance and your sensuality as a woman.

What you’ll expand into during this experience with more details:

Feminine Essence

●  Stop feeling drained from operating in a ​”man mode” / Alpha style​ to create success.

●  Embrace the feminine and masculine.

●  Master how to navigate between masculine and feminine energies at will.


●  Discover your soul contract and strategize how to align with it powerfully.

●  Learn the tools you need to live your sacred purpose. making a difference, helping people and living your dreams audaciously.


●  Experience how to express your power in a feminine and effective way that leaves you feeling good and energized.

●  Stand bravely and confidently in your authentic power.

●  Embody being a Queen.


●  Magnetize your desires effortlessly.

●  Flirtation, enjoying yourself in the presence of others.

●  More attention from others, being magnetic

● Experience being in your full feminine power potential and be magnetic. Be able to achieve so much more without draining yourself.

● Experience drawing instead of pushing stuff, drawing /magnetizing opportunities.


●  Own your sensuality.

●  Learn to completely surrender and receive.

●  Expand your pleasure potential. Break through glass ceiling of pleasure and what’s erotically possible.

●  Become an erotic detective.

●  Be in your body.

●  Feel more emotions in body. Feel more sensations. vs go to head and think things out.

●  Experience exquisite love and partnership beyond your wildest dreams.

●  Learn how to clear resentment.

●  Create a hot sensual life for a lifetime.


●  Uncover your inner blocks to radiance. Dial-up your light/radiance/turn on, even in a masculine world.

●  Dare to shine bright unapologetically and claim your crown.

●  De-construct your false core beliefs that cause you to dim down, hide and play small.

●  Learn tools to powerfully experience being seen fully for who you truly are minus the masks, the false identities you use to protect yourself.

Apply for a “Feminine Essence” Breakthrough session if you’d like to participate in the program.