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Soulful Purpose Reviews

I just had an amazing, profound and insightful session with the lovely Senami. Where does the therapist go for deeper insights during a complete life and career transition? I highly recommend Senami’s work to any woman who is looking for support in becoming the brightest version of you in the world! Check her out! 

~ Erin


…Senami was amazing as I felt so validated. She shed light on so many things about me that I have always felt were true but have not always brought to the surface out of fear or feeling different than everyone else. She has helped me to see how they are truly my gifts and assets and that the more I step into my “gifts” the stronger I will be…

~ Elena


…Senami confirmed that my strongest dreams are indeed a very big part of my soul contract and she urged me to boldly walk the path I have been glancing at, with my eyes and mind wide open. Life really is what you make of it, and after speaking to Senami I feel inspired to stop stalling and just take the next step.

~ Christina


Senami is an absolute delight to work with, and she was spot-on with my reading. She nailed several of my archetypes (without knowing them previously) and was able to explain their specific role in my life’s purpose. It’s an experience I highly recommend to anyone interested in learning more about why they are here and what makes them tick.

~ Katy


Senami is an amazingly gifted and compassionate intuitive.  The first time I spoke with her, I felt she knew me better than I knew myself!  Her readings were spot-on and helped me to view issues in my life from a different perspective than I had in the past.  She also provided me with the tools to assist me with moving forward from the places where I felt stuck.  I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to have a reading with Senami.

~ Carrie

Soulful Relationships Reviews

Senami really listened, with so much authentic care and encouragement. She helped me understand my own feelings, listening patiently as I sometimes danced around a topic, then reflecting back to me the essence of what I had been saying in a loving way that brought true clarity to my heart….

This process has been transformational in lovingly removing my barriers to love, some of which I wasn’t even consciously aware of before beginning ‘Calling In The One’. I am so grateful for the changes this course, and my coach Senami, have brought to my life.

~ William


Working with Senami was an absolutely miraculous and life-changing experience. The coaching calls on “Calling in the One” with her guiding me every step of the way and giving me the exercises precisely crafted for my personal situation have proven to me that life can be magical and full of surprises..

~ Maya


Senami was very present with me at all times.  She listened with all her focus and attention, allowing my expression and the relationship between us to grow organically and naturally.  She has very good active listening skills.  Her clarity and ability to reflect back and receive clarifications or additions helped create much safety for me as a participant.  Her familiarity with the approach and the application of the materials aided in a sense of comfort and ability to pay deep attention in seeking inner awarenes and clarity for myself.



Senami brought me through the process of conscious uncoupling when I was going through a very difficult breakout from a long term relationship.

My original intention was to do the process with my ex-partner; however she was unwilling to cooperate. My emotions at the time were very strong, and I was skeptical that this process would work.

Senami was brilliant as a coach. She helped me work through many levels of intense feelings by holding  immaculate space. Her tone was gentle yet firm, and her guidance allowed me to work through deep and heavy triggers. She showed up with the right amount of empathy, compassion and accountability.

At the end of the sessions, I experienced great healing and the strength to let go and move forward with an open heart, hopefulness, and the excitement of possibilities.

Thank you, Senami, for helping me heal.

~ Larry

Soulful Radiance Reviews

Senami, after just a short time of being in the seminar I have not only seen you embody what it is to be a woman, but your radiance can’t help but have mine shine and have me feel bigger and brighter, from not only the things that you shared and the tools that you’ve given, but from what’s always been inside of me. So, I can’t thank you enough.

~ Kerri


So many things opened up for me.  The biggest thing was not to be afraid to shine.  I will not be afraid to be everything that I feel like I’m supposed to be, it’s very meaningful.

~ Jackie


The workshop that Senami did today was phenomenal. It really allowed me to take some time to really look deep within myself and discover just little things that I subconsciously allow to be dimmed and challenge myself to go ahead and take a step to rekindle that light and that shining flame.
I am a diamond.

~ Sherita


…This lady is just incredibly, incredibly, delicately, honourably, lovingly sharing and she can help all women get to a deeper, kinder, loving, brilliant (like a diamond) way of being…

~ Marilyn


I am just so inspired and moved by Senami and what she provides for women, connecting them with their heart and who they are, and bringing out the true self in them.  The moment that we started to talk and she started to share with me, I could feel in my own spirit that I am a beautiful woman. So, thank you Senami.

~ Denise


I was recently at an event where Senami was the speaker and I was so inspired by the message. How you go about empowering women and help them find their inner beauty was just amazing.

~ Jennifer


…after coming to this presentation I feel empowered. I’ve enjoyed the discussions, I’ve enjoyed the presentation. I think it gave me seeds for thinking about loving me and what I can carry now, not only for myself, but also other women, and I’m excited.

~ Linda


Today’s workshop was very inspiring for me as a young lady. I was at a crossroads in making distinctions between who I am in my mind and then who I am to the world.  So it’s very refreshing, I mean empowering, to be able to leave out of the presentation feeling like I have the right as a woman to define my beauty and say what that is, even if that is unique to what the world generally accepts or if my definition of beauty is different than what society says is beautiful.

~ Angela


You are the perfect example, the perfect role model for women who really need to remain true to their core; you are strong, you are powerful and you’ve actually managed to maintain your femininity…so you are the perfect example for women in terms of really being in touch with who they are and being true to themselves so that they can ultimately shine as women.

~ David


Senami, I have attended a presentation that you’ve done for an audience today and I was blown away!  You have a presence that is so amazing.  You’ve touched me… you were here to talk to women.  As a man, your message resonated to me also and I couldn’t believe how, in such a short time, you were able to make me feel handsome by your message.

 ~ Christian

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